We have sold the lovely piece of land that once was home to UProoted Farm.

A sincere thank you to all of our customers over the years. Your belief and support of our efforts spent growing food with integrity are appreciated.


Now, it's time for our family's roots to flourish elsewhere!




Food can sustain, entertain, and enrich our lives as long as we remain intentional about it. If you're passionate about food's place in your life, then UProoted Farm is eager to serve you! Our promise to you is to grow your food with integrity at our 80-acre farm in Chatham, Michigan. Learn more>>

Life's a journey not a destination, right? With that philosophy in mind, we'll be perpetually learning at the farm, and we invite you along. Whether you're curious about the growing practices we impart as a USDA Organic Certified Farm or the tools we use, we want you to be able to find your answers at UProoted Farm. Learn more>>


With Us

Curious What's Fresh? 

Each week throughout the growing season, we'll post the freshest items available from the farm in our online store. You can order exactly what you want, or come see us at the farmers market to get your fix of local food. Learn more>>

At UProoted Farm, we've spent the first half of our lives in different careers, thinking a lot about how we were going to make this farm happen. So, now that it's finally here, we're excited to share all about our ideas, ambitions, and excitement for fresh, quality food and life on the farm. Learn more>>

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