UProoted Farm in Michigan's Upper Peninsula

UProoted Farm, located on 80 acres in Chatham, Michigan, is owned and operated by Jonathan Parsons and Allison Vroman. The duo blends their passions, talent, and time to accomplish the mission of growing food with integrity.  


As farmers, we believe that we're not merely tending a piece of land nor merely providing sustenance for the table. We know that the food we grow and sell is about so much more than that.


Think about how often food is the center of your celebration. Or about how a delicious, nutritious meal fueled your latest adventure. How many memories do you have of precious time spent with family and friends that are cemented in your mind alongside the food you shared?


If you're passionate about good food, or simply looking to be a bit more intentional about your food, then we're excited to invite you along on this journey. We'll be sharing our experiences along the way in an effort to bring you closer to the food you consume to sustain, entertain and enrich your life. 



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