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Jonathan & Allison -- the people and farmers behind UProoted Farm


In this day and age, when the food system has expanded to the current, massive scale, the idea of "knowing your farmer" is a novelty.


But, it's a novelty of small community that we value. So, if you want to get to know a little bit more about us -- Jon and Allison the people and the farmers -- we're happy to share.


Learn more below, check out our blog, or swing by to say hello at a farmers market! 

Jon & Allison...the couple:

  • For our first date, Allison drove five-hours through a blizzard, having only committed to grab one beer. That one beer turned into two, and the start of a very happy life together. ​

  • Our idea of "vacation" is a trip where you end up in the woods, dirty, scratched up, exhausted, and sore ...but you're still smiling!

  • We're still figuring out the division of labor as we start the farm -- but Jon is primarily "the grower and fixer" and Allison is primarily "the helper and marketer."

  • We have two Chessies: Hazel & Bosun.

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Jonathan...the grower and fixer:

  • Jon has wanted to farm since he was a little kid, growing up with abundant gardens. ​Being a full-time farmer is a dream come true. 

  • When given a choice, he'll choose the adventure 9 out of 10 times. Scratch that, 10 out of 10!

  • Jon travelled the world serving in the United States Coast Guard for 17 years. As a boatswain, he specialized in search & rescue and law enforcement. 

  • Jon's hobbies include:  fish tanks, Bonsai, board games, Arduino electronics, duck hunting, carpentry, beekeeping...and the list goes on. 

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Allison...the helper and marketer:

  • Allison works remotely as a copywriter for Aster Brands. Thus, her "farm work" occurs mainly in the evenings and on weekends.

  • If money grew on trees, she'd travel more often. International travels thus far have taken her to: Canada, Mexico, Honduras, New Zealand, Fiji and Vietnam. 

  • Fears = snakes. Exposure therapy -- whether a garden snake in the flower bed or a rattle snake on a NOLS expedition -- hasn't worked thus far. 

  • When life gets stressful, Allison tends to bake. Any bets on how many loafs of banana bread she'll make in 2019? 

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Contact Info:

E4047 E Cold Springs Road

Chatham, MI 49816 

Tel:  321-794-4130

Email: uprootedfarm.mi@gmail.com

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