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Cut from Regenerative Ag Practices practice, what does all that mean?

  • We have a John Deere tractor on the farm, aka Big Pete, but we'll use our Grillo walk-behind tractor for 99% of the tasks to reduce the amount of fuel we consume.

  • Initially, the inputs of compost we use have to be trucked from a distance (as there's not a source of organic compost in the UP), but as our soil health improves, we'll be able to pull back from this practice.  

  • Eventually, we'll use a pasture rotation process with livestock on the back 40 to improve the ability to capture more CO2.

Cut from USDA Certified Organic

How does that affect the everyday?

  • Soil fertility and pest management are done without the use of harsh chemicals 

  • Paperwork. Lots of paperwork logging just about our every move. (After 17 years in the military, Jon's got that covered!)

  • Yes, there's a price tag to getting certified, but we don't think it's insurmountable. 


Check back often for more information on our Plant Start Order Program!

Do you want to simplify the start of growing your own garden this summer? We can help!


Once the greenhouse is up and running, we'll be taking orders for folks who ___. We'll tend to your little seedlings with the love and care we're tending to our own, and then when it's time for you to plant your garden -- you can pick them up in one fell swoop! 

As we veer toward spring, stay tuned for more details!