Growing Practices


At UProoted Farm, part of our promise to you is growing food with integrity, which means utilizing regenerative agriculture practices, starting off low-till and working toward no-till, and being USDA Certified Organic from the get-go. 

Regenerative Agriculture...

...because we want to be part of the environmental solution, not part of the problem.

Principles of Regenerative Agriculture

Energy has to come from somewhere. Why not harness it closer to home?

The phrase "regenerative agriculture" might seem intimidating -- as it's not one of the main stream labels found on your food -- but all it means is to impart principals and practices that increase biodiversity, enrich soil, and improve the ecosystem. The goal of regenerative agriculture is to heal and improve the environment, rather than slowly degrading it over time. 

Low-Till Working Toward No-Till

The nutrients in your soil are the nutrients in your food.


The soil in which your food grows plays a vital role in the end result. Soil is a little micro-biome with certain chemistry and structure that are advantageous to producing healthy foods. So, as we begin farming our land, we're disrupting the soil to shape 100-foot-long, 30-inch-wide raised beds. Then, we'll use the minimum amount of tillage necessary to control weed pressure and bring about the healthiest micro-biome we can. The long-term goal is a healthy enough soil that we can utilize no-till practices. 

USDA Certified Organic

While it's not perfect, we believe it's the best system available. 

As we embark on this farming venture, we've chose to be USDA Certified Organic from the start. We feel the USDA Organic Certification process is the best available method out there to prove we're doing what we say we're doing. (Growing food without harsh chemicals, choosing organic seed sources, utilizing organic inputs, etc.) Right now, not everyone knows and trusts us, and while that's an ultimate goal -- to garner your trust -- this is the path we're taking to work toward achieving that. We have received our official approval for the 2019 season through MOSA